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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keep your powder dry

Things are getting pretty nasty out here in America.  We just returned from the grocery store, where even I noticed a considerable price increase on everything.  I will definitely have to fill the freezer with venison this fall, and by spring, I may have to defend my freezer.



  1. You're not kidding. A few weeks back, I say a store flyer advertising pork for $4.99 a LB...on sale.
    It's only going to get worse on every front because our economy runs on corn that has found it's way into almost every product and, corn yields are going to be pitiful this year.

    I took the wife to Sam's club last week and blew through $590 like it was nothing...but, we are set up with plenty of canned stock filling the cellar shelves.
    My next pre-winter purchase is a lp gas-fired generator which doesent put out the wattage as a gasoline type but, it can be linked into my 2 500 gallon gas tanks out back and keep the heater, well pump and the fridge working thru an outage.
    As for venison, I've been spotting large does all over the area and a few velvet covered racks from time to time when they poke their heads out of the cornfields...almost time to tune the bow!

    It's a shame that anyone in this country would even have to consider the possibility of defending their freezer from anything worse that a power outage but, the way things are looking and the outright devisiveness that is taking hold in this country, who can be 100% certain what will happen?

    1. I don't want to sound like a pussy, but it is getting scary. I hope it will fizzle and go away, along with Obama.

  2. Brother, you ain't seen SHIT yet. I'll be on travel soon and when I get back, I'll be filling the larder and the freezer.

    Rice, dried beans by the bagful (vary the types, salt/pepper, and coffee.

    You can live on it.

  3. Or just go to the dollar tree--you can get bread and many caned goods. This election is gonna be a game changer-it is about direction---economic ruin or freedom--I choose the latter.

  4. Just wait, $40,000,000,000.00 a month in Quantitative Easing! This one's gonna hurt!