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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead

When I was in Saudi Arabia, fixing to fix bayonets and charge through Saddam's minefields, my whole platoon gathered around a radio, trying to listen to the Super Bowl on Armed Forces Radio.  The atmospherics, or whatever, were terrible.  All we could pick up was garbled crap and static.

Then we heard, clear as if she was standing beside us, "Oh say can you see...".  For the next two and a half minutes, the radio was clear, and we heard what I still consider to be the finest rendition of The Star Spangled Banner ever produced.

Sorry Whitney, but I just changed my mind.


  1. TGP- I'm sure there will be a crack pipe waiting for her, wherever she lands.

    I'm glad that she brought some levity to you, and the men you served with, during a time of war.

    I noticed you're moderating again. What happened now?

  2. Johnny,

    I only moderate on comments after 5 days. It helps me not miss latecomers.

  3. As soon as she hooked up with that shitbag husband and met a crackpipe, she went downhill fast.

  4. I agree. I am not interested in her life or death, I just believe she gave the finest performance of the Star Spangled Banner ever. It is a shame that her life turned out the way it did, but other than that one performance, I was never a fan.

  5. Tenth,

    Watching the news coverage is sickening - they are all fawning all over her. As the temporary occupant of the White House would say - "this is a teachable moment." No matter how talented you are if you marry a piece of crap and take drugs - you are going to die early.

    I loved her singing, but was disgusted with her life style.